Noah-Vincenz Noeh
Software Engineer

Motivated software engineer and technology enthusiast. I want to make use of my passion and experience in order to make a positive impact in this world.


  • Advanced Computing MSc: Merit
  • Privacy Engineering, Prolog, Advanced Security, Complexity, Scalable Systems for the Cloud, Cryptography Engineering, Custom Computing, Principles of Distributed Ledgers, Advanced Security for Smartphone and IOT, Software Engineering for Industry
  • Project & Thesis: A domain-specific language for financial smart contracts
  • Computer Science with Management BSc: 1st Class Honours
  • Teaching assistant for 2nd year students
  • 1st year: Java, Communication Skills, Economics, Data Structures, Databases, Logic, Foundations
  • 2nd year: C++, Scala, Accounting, Software Eng., Internet Systems, Marketing, OS & Concurrency, Foundations II
  • 3rd year: Compilers, Cryptography, Network Security, Text Searching & Processing, Business Strategy, HRM
  • Final project: A mobile app and web portal system for the processing of heart signals to reduce heart failure
  • 39 IB points
  • 6 GCSEs (including Mathematics A*, French A*, English B)
  • Gold certificate UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge
  • 3 week voluntary project in Ghana
  • Selected member of School Council
  • Trained peer mentor


Open Banking ANDROID & iOS app

I am currently working on a ReactNative mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This will act as a smart financial advisor and will allow users to have an overview of as well as interact with their bank accounts from different institutions, insurances, contracts, and capital investments in a single location.  




Kafka Tool

I am currently implementing this RESTful Ktor web application to allow American Express domains to trace as well as send Kafka events.

Ktor     Kotlin     Kafka     HTML     JavaScript



I implemented an Android mobile application prototype for the Ludovico project. Ludovico should allow users to become owner of a wine / olive tree plantation or find vacation homes and purchase a vacation allowance. The app also allows users to upgrade or sell their shares, wine and olive oil to other members of the Ludovico community.


Java     MySQL     PHP     C++  

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Nexus: a DSL for financial Smart contracts

This was my Masters thesis at Imperial College London. I created a domain-specific programming language for financial smart contracts based on the ideas mentioned in Simon Peyton Jones’ paper Composing Contracts: An adventure in Financial Engineering. Nexus effectively allows users to create safer smart contracts at lower cost. This system makes use of a pre-defined Rust smart contract instance, which is compiled into Ethereum JSON ABI code using WebAssembly. The Nexus language is accompanied by a web application, which allows the end-user to compose new contracts between two parties using Nexus, as well as to manage and evaluate pending contracts.

Rust     JavaScript     HTML     CSS     WebAssembly

Rock Paper Scissors Smart Contracts

This is a Solidity smart contract implementation of the classic ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ game. It is comprised of a web app that interacts with the smart contract and allows two players to play against each other. The winner of the game is rewarded with a financial reward of 10 ether. In the case of a draw, both players receive 5 ether each. To make the game fair, this implementation relies on a hash function that both players agree on. This function hashes the player’s shape and acts as a binding and concealing commitment to their shape.


Solidity     JavaScript     HTML     CSS  

VirtUal Gateway Cloud Engineering

I successfully deployed multiple production ready microservers to the AWS platform that are capable of scaling to millions of requests a second. The servers were written in Go and communicated directly with a DynamoDB instance. A manual test harness was developed in HTML, which helped to view constant AWS IoT MQTT messages being passed from device to device.

AWS     Go     HTML     JavaScript     CSS     Redis     Docker     CircleCI   


CardIac ChecK

This was my final year project at King’s College London. It is comprised of a mobile application and a web portal system for the processing of heart signals with the aim to reduce heart failure. Patients use an external sensor, which records the individual’s ECG and PCG measurements and sends these to the mobile application. The patient is then able to look at their recordings and can choose to send these to a healthcare institution. This data will then be displayed in an illustrative manner on a web portal accessible by healthcare institutions, which acts as a valuable source of research data. Various signal processing methods are applied to the data in order to detect any cardiac arrhythmias.


JavaScript     HTML     CSS     Firebase     Swift     Matlab  

Scala Compiler

This project represents a compiler written in Scala. It is my own implementation of a compiler consisting of a lexer, a parser and a code generator. This compiler is designed for the WHILE language that targets the assembler language provided by Jasmin. It lexes and parses WHILE programs, and then generates Java Byte Code instructions for the Jasmin assembler. 


Mobile Feedback App

This system consists of a mobile application that allows YouView trialists to supply the company with valuable feedback in a simple manner. Trialists can take a picture, voice recording and add some additional notes and send this data as a feedback package back to YouView. This feedback is stored and sent over an AWS backend and then represented in a web portal for the trials team to analyse and hence improve future products.

AWS     Swift     HTML     JavaScript     CSS     SQL     Jenkins   

YouView Ltd copyright

Game for Pediatrics

This is a mobile and web game that was designed using Unity for the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for Pediatrics in London. Hospitals are daunting places for patients of all ages, but especially for children. One way to make medical examinations less intimidating is to explain to patients what will happen. It can be very difficult to explain to small children what will happen though. The purpose of this project is to develop a game for small children (2-6 years old) that explains what will happen at an examination in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. It should be easy for the hospital to deploy the game and make it available to patients and their parents/guardians.

C#     Unity  

A-LEvels EconomiCS REvision GUIDE

This is an Economics revision guide aimed at A-Level students. It explains the most commonly used terms in the A-Levels syllabus and also gives graphical representations of Economic data fetched from the World Bank API.

JavaScript     HTML     CSS     JQuery

C++ Sudoku Puzzle Solver

This project consists of a Sudoku puzzle solver written in C++. It was vital to create an efficient implementation of the algorithm in order for the program to solve difficult Sudoku puzzles.


Oware Board Game

This is a Java implementation of the Oware board game. Oware is an abstract strategy game among the Mancala family of board games (pit and pebble board games) played worldwide with slight variations as to the layout of the game, number of players and strategy of play [Wiki].


Other Interests